2-Day Poetry Madness

I just finished CV2’s 2-Day Poem Contest with 26 whole minutes to go. They give you 10 random words and you have to make them into a poem in 48 hours. In between running a birthday party and tending to sick kidlets. Or whatever *your* life throws at you.

My no-doubt stellar piece of writing is off to be judged for what seems like way too long for someone with compulsive checking behaviours.

But here’s last year’s entry, for anyone who is interested:

American Can

Here treacle time flows over uniformed days in succession.
Living by rote,
there is no chance to wonder who benefits from compulsive down-looking deference.
But bleached bone factory carcass tells the story
for anyone who can hear above the booming voice of Industry
now only wind and pigeon quibble.

While disenfranchised rock-throwers mar the face of their abandonment
with twenty years of tiny rebellion,
the once-window cascade crunches green now underfoot
with scraggly chicory sticks and gravel glass.
Turn away and put up an umbrella against the rain –
there is nothing left here to save.


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