Prisoners of Gravity is the Best Thing Ever

I’ve been thinking a lot about Prisoners of Gravity. I’m not sure how many of you are old enough to remember this, but I am (So there. Nyah!). It ran from 1989 to 1994 on TVOntario, and featured Rick Green (of the Frantics, the Red Green Show, and more recently History Bites) as lead character Commander Rick. The show ran on the premise that disgruntled citizen Rick rigs up his car as a spaceship to escape the earth and begin a new life somewhere out in the Great White Milky, but ends up crashing into an earth orbiting satellite instead. So, trapped in orbit, Commander Rick spends his time reviewing books and interviewing their creators.

I borrowed this image from

It was low budget, funny, topical, and absolutely brilliant. And it was about Books. Did I mention that already? More specifically it explored science fiction, fantasy, horror and comics. It’s where I got an introduction to the work of Rob J. Sawyer, Neil Gaiman, and Alan Moore (who looks suspiciously like my dog) among many others.

My dog. Just sayin’.










Check out this sampling:

The intro was drawn by Ty Templeton. Note the Doctor Who lampshade, SW poster and is that a Watchmen mug (?) at 1:20 and the THX 138 license plate at 1:15. MMMmmm nerdy goodness.

You can watch a bunch of episodes at the TVOntario Public Archive and quite a few are available on YouTube. And watch you should.

Rob Sawyer has a PoG page on his website, where he calls prisoners of Gravity, “the most thoughtful and creative television program ever produced anywhere in the world about the literature of science fiction.” Read the rest here.

Is there anything like this on TV today? Could a show like this even get made for television today? I seriously doubt it. And that’s a damn shame. Because Prisoners  of Gravity is the BEST. THING. EVER.

Hit it Nan-Cy…


8 thoughts on “Prisoners of Gravity is the Best Thing Ever

    1. I’ve been watching a few lately. Wow everybody looks young, don’t they? I miss TV that didn’t suck. I only keep cable now for the kids O_o Editted to add: I wish they’d get a dvd/bluray release. Sigh.

  1. Gregg Thurlbeck

    There are about 25 episodes of the show posted on TVO’s website:
    It would be nice to add a few more shows to this list (some of my favourites aren’t there at this point) but there’s some cost involved in clearing the rights for the shows. A request for the funds has been made and we’ll have to see whether TVO feels the cost is justified. Fans can always get in touch with TVO to express their interest in seeing more shows available on tvo,org.
    Gregg Thurlbeck, Producer/Director, Prisoners of Gravity

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  3. Carol

    It truly is the best thing ever! I still miss that show.

    As a TVO supporter for years, they’d better listen to my plea!

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