How I Motivate My Sorry Ass

I have a goal. It’s good to have a goal. But until the far-off near-mythical day when that goal is reached, I figured I needed something to look at. Something to keep me focused on the prize, so to speak. So I headed over to Memebase and whipped this out:

You       Will         Be         Mine

Yep. That’s my goal. I damn well want to win a Hugo Award. And, barring unforseen and sudden illness or death, I will. I’ve posted it over my workspace so it can motivate me when I’m tempted to waste an entire night on Reddit:


In WIP news, I have an outline fully, well, outlined. We start off in Hamilton, in possibly the last video store in existence, and end up running like mad things from deep under the Niagara Escarpment as the magical city of Undermount crashes down around us. There’s a bit of a question mark in the middle, but I’ve whittled it down to a manageable size. I have some big events planned, but have left enough room to let the story surprise me. So, on that front, I’m satisfied.

I have a couple of short stories that I’m not sure whether I should stop and work on or not. But they exist as proto-stories at least. So if I need to procrastinate, I can work on them…and actually start sending things out to, you know, sell and stuff…(in some ways I am my own worst enemy)

So, on to the next stage…ass in chair, hands on keyboard, and actually typing.


There’s No Joystick For Driving a Mars Rover

No joystick?! I was pretty sure it was just like playing Combat on an Atari 2600. I’m sad now…

I just discovered NASA’s Mars in a Minute series of videos. They explain important aspects of the Mars Curiosity mission and are short enough to hold even my limited attention span. Packed with information in an upbeat format, these little videos were a hit with me and my six-year-old.

Check these out:

‘Wish you were here’ indeed!

Solar conjunction is coming in April. How will it affect Mars missions?

Vacation time. Surf’s up!

Mars isn’t red?


Seriously. These are sooo short you have no reason not to go and watch them all right now. These are the Best Thing Ever.



Go Support Long Hidden Anthology on Kickstarter

I’m not a huge follower of the latest kickstarter shenanigans, but I came upon this one via BoingBoing, and it sounds awesome.

It’s called Long Hidden, and the people behind the project, Daniel Older and Rose Fox,  describe it as, “[a]n anthology of speculative historical fiction revealing the voices of silenced dreamers.”  They include a long list of interesting writers who aim to chronicle the underdogs and forgotten heroes of the past, all with a speculative twist.

I swiped this image from their kickstarter page…

Intrigued? I am. But wait, there’s more. It has already reached it’s goal of $12k to get published, BUT if they make their stretch goal of 20,000 dollars, they will open submissions to the likes of you and me!

Cool, huh?

I know some of you guys/girls/others that follow me are writers and do some writering, especially of the speculative kind. So get over there and get backing this one. It’s not only a chance to help some great fiction get out there, it’s also a chance to publish some of your own stuff. Go over to kickstarter and give it a kick…

Check it out here.


Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Movie is the Best Thing Ever.

I love Sonic the Hedgehog. I really do. So this Sonic fan film from Blue Core Studios had me at the word ‘go’.


Check out the trailers. I’m not sure how I missed them when they came out last summer, but still:

Pretty neat huh? I’m not sure how I feel about Sonic being a bit fuzzy, but I love LOVE Doctor Robotnik. How did they make his little glasses stay on? I’m sure its something simple and obvious…

Here’s the film itself, which I’m assuming is a first installment:

Yay for Knuckles at the end! I love living in the wonderful future, where people can just up and make a fan film about their favourite video game. And chances are it’ll be better than the latest multi-million dollar “blockbuster” that Hollywood craps out on our heads. Watch it. It’s the best thing EVER.


Doctor Who Parodies are the Best Thing Ever

I’ve only ever seen one episode of Community. And this is the reason why i tuned in:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a strange fandom. How can that be anything but good? Consider:

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged this one before, but if you haven’t seen Curse of the Fatal Death, then you need to see it. If you _have_ seen it, you need to see it again. Rowan Atkinson is superlative as the Doctor, as is Joanna Lumley, who makes me yearn for a female doctor.

This odd bit from Barely Political. “He’s from Belgium. Or space…”

And a couple of quickies from Robot Chicken:

It took me exactly 23 hours to get that last one. That’s how awesome it is. Lemme know if I missed one of your favourites. Doctor Who parodies are the Best Thing Ever.


First Lunar Base May be 3D Printed

The title of this Wired article incorporates just about every awesome word I know:

Giant NASA Spider Robots Could 3D Print Lunar Base Using Microwaves

It would only be more awesome if it incorporated the adjective “timey-wimey” and the phrase “Geiger-style” or possibly “fine Corinthian.”

I’m just saying.

Fig. 1: 2nd generation ATHLETE unloading cargo
ATHLETE rover Image NASA JPL website

The basic idea is to use athlete rovers fitted with microwave powered 3D printers to build a moonbase out of lunar dust, brick by brick.

Image credit NASA website

The project, apparently, would require microwave units no more powerful than you use at home, which would be used to fuse lunar dust into a sort of ceramic. How cool is that? It’s cost effective because it uses material already on the moon, so no need to transport building materials, or even human builders to set it up.

NASA has a great, accessible backgrounder on 3D printing a lunar base, where they estimate a base could be built at a rate of one building per week. That’s fast.

You can’t tell me people wouldn’t eat this up. The mission would launch and the payoff would come almost immediately. I grew up in an era when lunar settlements seemed inevitable. The moon, after all, is only a few days journey away. Why the heck not go there? Isn’t the planet feeling a little small these days?


So This Was Happening Under my Trampoline

Yep, it’s another random photo post. But check this out, it’s neat:


Underneath my trampoline there’s a huge icy lake. All the wet, gloopy snow from the other day was melting and dripping down into it. It just looked really cool.

Here’s the video version:

Plus! I have a YouTube Channel now! Soon I will put things on it. Muwahahahahhaha! My brand of wannabe evil will soon be revealed to the world! Or something… Feel free to subscribe, but this is the only thing on it so far…