Three Doctor Who Episodes That Need to Exist, But Don’t

1. Death of River Song.


When I saw this, I was kind of horrified but they make a good case and I do love me a good closed loop. Via io9.

2. The Time War.


We know very little about the time war, so it could likely take up an entire season to flesh out. All we really know is that after attempting the Ultimate Sanction, Paul McGann’s very brief (and kinda hot) Doctor seals the Time Lords away in a time lock, and flees, very likely dying in the process. We never see this, but the intense, emotional doctor we end up with is a testament to the traumatic nature of this event. Via topless robot.

3. The Doctor Meets Arthur Dent.


Douglas Adams and Doctor Who are a natural match (for obvious reasons). Adams’ whacked-out H2G2 characters would make and awesome foil for the Ninth Doctor, who alternates between broody intensity and light sarcasm. Referenced in the Christmas Invasion.

Am I the only one who does this? What’s on your Doctor Who wish list? Lemme know…


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