How Do You Structure Your Daily Writing?

Let’s face it: I am an organizational nightmare.

Up until just now I have been opening my WIP file and diving in wherever. Three quarters of the time I end up fiddling with stuff that I wrote days ago, and the other 0ne quarter is just about all spent on Reddit, cruising Wikipedia, or lost on TV Tropes, leaving something like 1/20th of a quarter to write actual new material.


Clearly that isn’t working.

To prevent myself from wasting hours pondering the relative merits of whispering breeze, murmur, and susurrus, and to just write something frigging new instead of rehashing the same 4 paragraphs over and over, this is my plan: I am going to have a separate dated file for every day’s writing. That way every day is fresh, I don’t even get to peek at yesterday’s work, and I can track what I have done day by day to see if any patterns emerge.

So, other word slogging-type people, how do you organize your writing? I know some of you are quite prolific. How do you guys do it?


3 thoughts on “How Do You Structure Your Daily Writing?

      1. Yeah, messing with the old stuff is how I wasted five hours rewriting a paragraph I now think I’m going to end up cutting anyway. I had to take a don’t-look-back approach or I was never going to get off the first page.

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