Rick and Morty Pumpkin Stencils


It’s not Fall yet, I know, but I love me some Halloween. And my newest obsession is Rick and Morty. If you Googled your way here you don’t need me to tell you how awesome that is. If not, then feast your ocular appendages on this:

But it gets better! Adult Swim has posted Rick and Morty pumpkin stencils on their website. You can choose from Mr. Meeseeks, Rick, or Morty.

RaMJacksCheck out these examples by reddit user /u/OzmaofAK

Now go make your own. They are the best thing ever.



Gravity Falls X Rick and Morty: Callback or Coincidence?

I noticed something just now while watching Auto Erotic Assimilation. Just a throwaway piece of animation:

Rick_and_Morty_Season_2_Episode_3_Auto_Erotic_Assimilation_Full_Screen_720p_HDIt reminded me of this little bit of twin humour in Gravity Falls:

Gravity_Falls_SDCC_2015_Look_AheadCoincidence? Yeah maybe. I have no idea if the production schedules would have allowed this to happen on purpose, but it still makes me smile. And, I mean, the two shows have done this before:

So, in conclusion, I’m bored and it doesn’t take much to amuse me…