Robert J. Sawyer Does it Again

I got my hands on an ARC of Robert J. Sawyer’s new book Quantum Night.


It’s funny, I was just saying to one of my customers that it had been a while since the last RJS book and *boom* there it was. When it was delivered to my workplace I was giddy with excitement – my coworker asked me if I needed a moment to be alone with the book.

Yes, I said.

Seriously, Robert J. Sawyer can tell a story. And it has been several years – his last book, Red Planet Blues came out in 2013. No biggie if we’re talking George R. R. Martin, but for a prolific guy like Robert Sawyer that’s a long time.

I loved this book. Loved it. It had all the things I’ve come to expect in a Robert Sawyer book – well researched high concept science fiction, interesting characters, Canadiana, philosophy jokes.  If you’ve liked his previous work, you’ll like this one. If you haven’t read anything by Robert J. Sawyer, why the hell not? Reading his books is like riding a water slide; you jump in one end and whoosh through the twists and turns until you pop out the other side.

Quantum Night comes out March 1, 2016 and from one sci-fi fan to another I highly recommend you buy it.