So This Was Happening Under my Trampoline

Yep, it’s another random photo post. But check this out, it’s neat:


Underneath my trampoline there’s a huge icy lake. All the wet, gloopy snow from the other day was melting and dripping down into it. It just looked really cool.

Here’s the video version:

Plus! I have a YouTube Channel now! Soon I will put things on it. Muwahahahahhaha! My brand of wannabe evil will soon be revealed to the world! Or something… Feel free to subscribe, but this is the only thing on it so far…

groundhog day

Winter, You’re Beautiful But I’m Done With You

Last year at this time I had flowers:

Holy Global Warming Batman!

This year not so much. Here’s the same spot today:


I’ve hit that age where winter is no longer fun for me. Snow doesn’t mean tobogganing or snowmen, it means shoveling and slogging. If I were independently wealthy and could sit all day sipping <insert beverage>, and *looking* at the snow it would be A O K. Lets imagine we can do that, alright?

Look at my little happy tree:


You can’t hide from me Mr. Blue Jay:


I have a 3-pack of Mourning Doves. If I could tell them apart I would name them 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3. But I can’t tell them apart.




Ahhhh. Enjoying that imaginary cuppa? I sure am.

Are you as done with winter as I am? The Groundhog said there would be an early spring. He lied.

groundhog day

I am disappoint.