Back Up Your Work

So, a couple of weeks ago my laptop died. Sure, that happens, right?

Buuuut I didn’t back up a single thing. So when my laptop died it took all of my writing – all the poetry, all the chapters, all the bad fanfic that I loved anyway – screaming into the void with it.

So. Go back up your stuff. Back it up right now.



It;s dangerous to go alone.

Zelda T-shirts, Doctor Who Scarf: The Things I’ve Been Up To.

So I am definitely not dead.

Though you wouldn’t know from my lack of blogging. I entered a SFWA’s science fiction poetry contest, and *sniff* didn’t place. But since it is the beginning of me starting to actually submit things again, I’m happy just to have done something. Yay for things!

I also finished the second Doctor Who scarf. It knitted up so much faster the second time around, and I even added the fringe, which I didn’t add to the one I kept. I still have yarn left so I may do  mini-scarf…or something.

I am going as the 4th Doctor for Hallowe’en! I have 2 weeks to figure out a sonic screwdriver, or rush order one from

DSC01296 DSC01297

My kids and I made Triforce T-shirts for back-to-school. Easy and fun and geeky. All it took was cheap T-shirts, gold fabric paint, brushes, bristol board and an exacto knife.

It;s dangerous to go alone.

We made shoes too. They were the first attempt and came out a bit gloppy, but for kid’s shoes that are going to get the crap beaten out of them at school? I am A-OK with that. Plus learning from mistakes…blah blah blah.


I have also been pointedly not working on my WIP. I’m writing an urban fantasy (an embryonic version can be seen under the WIP tab) and I’ve gotten hung up on ‘how the magic works’ and exactly what everyone can do with their powers. If anybody has any advice for that, I could use some. It’s all sort of devolved into wailing and gnashing of teeth (on my part).

I got a really cool Hobbit Moleskine journal and even that hasn’t inspired me to write. Bleh. But NaNoWriMo is coming up, so maybe…maybe…


It came with a cool map and everything.


Cheers all! Lets hope I can blog a bit more frequently now. 😉 I’ll leave you with a crappy vid of my cat!


How Do You Structure Your Daily Writing?

Let’s face it: I am an organizational nightmare.

Up until just now I have been opening my WIP file and diving in wherever. Three quarters of the time I end up fiddling with stuff that I wrote days ago, and the other 0ne quarter is just about all spent on Reddit, cruising Wikipedia, or lost on TV Tropes, leaving something like 1/20th of a quarter to write actual new material.


Clearly that isn’t working.

To prevent myself from wasting hours pondering the relative merits of whispering breeze, murmur, and susurrus, and to just write something frigging new instead of rehashing the same 4 paragraphs over and over, this is my plan: I am going to have a separate dated file for every day’s writing. That way every day is fresh, I don’t even get to peek at yesterday’s work, and I can track what I have done day by day to see if any patterns emerge.

So, other word slogging-type people, how do you organize your writing? I know some of you are quite prolific. How do you guys do it?




I didn’t think I’d ever get to ten thousand views, but it finally happened! So yay me! And thanks to all the hapless viewers who’ve had the good bad luck to end up on my page. I started this blog a year and a bit ago to give me something to focus my attention on, and to force myself to write. I’ve met some great supportive writers, and actually written a lot for me. My WIP, Undermount, is getting slowly longer, accreting more characters, and is making me increasingly angry.

I’ve been neglecting my blog pretty hard lately, but in my defense I’ve started a new job. I now work in a bookstore, which is a much better fit for my personality, but which (I suspect) is going to be a serious drain on my paycheck.

So, again, thanks all for reading my hapless ramblings. In return, I have a couple of fun easter eggs to show you!

1. Go to Google Images and type “atari breakout” into the search bar. If you can, I suggest you have a real mouse for this one. You’ll see why.

2. Go to YouTube and type “do the Harlem Shake” into the search bar.

Good, clean, immature fun!



How I Motivate My Sorry Ass

I have a goal. It’s good to have a goal. But until the far-off near-mythical day when that goal is reached, I figured I needed something to look at. Something to keep me focused on the prize, so to speak. So I headed over to Memebase and whipped this out:

You       Will         Be         Mine

Yep. That’s my goal. I damn well want to win a Hugo Award. And, barring unforseen and sudden illness or death, I will. I’ve posted it over my workspace so it can motivate me when I’m tempted to waste an entire night on Reddit:


In WIP news, I have an outline fully, well, outlined. We start off in Hamilton, in possibly the last video store in existence, and end up running like mad things from deep under the Niagara Escarpment as the magical city of Undermount crashes down around us. There’s a bit of a question mark in the middle, but I’ve whittled it down to a manageable size. I have some big events planned, but have left enough room to let the story surprise me. So, on that front, I’m satisfied.

I have a couple of short stories that I’m not sure whether I should stop and work on or not. But they exist as proto-stories at least. So if I need to procrastinate, I can work on them…and actually start sending things out to, you know, sell and stuff…(in some ways I am my own worst enemy)

So, on to the next stage…ass in chair, hands on keyboard, and actually typing.


Go Support Long Hidden Anthology on Kickstarter

I’m not a huge follower of the latest kickstarter shenanigans, but I came upon this one via BoingBoing, and it sounds awesome.

It’s called Long Hidden, and the people behind the project, Daniel Older and Rose Fox,  describe it as, “[a]n anthology of speculative historical fiction revealing the voices of silenced dreamers.”  They include a long list of interesting writers who aim to chronicle the underdogs and forgotten heroes of the past, all with a speculative twist.

I swiped this image from their kickstarter page…

Intrigued? I am. But wait, there’s more. It has already reached it’s goal of $12k to get published, BUT if they make their stretch goal of 20,000 dollars, they will open submissions to the likes of you and me!

Cool, huh?

I know some of you guys/girls/others that follow me are writers and do some writering, especially of the speculative kind. So get over there and get backing this one. It’s not only a chance to help some great fiction get out there, it’s also a chance to publish some of your own stuff. Go over to kickstarter and give it a kick…

Check it out here.