Flash Fiction Archive

Holiday Weirdness for Yule

A holiday story that ends with the phrase, “put your pants back on.”

Angel, Karen, and the Saucers

A teacher wonders about one of her charges.

Heat Miser

Redheads and firestarters.

Friday at Neil’s

Pull up a table at the Neil Armstrong Lunar Outpost.

Until Niagara Falls

The last remnants of humanity gather under Niagara falls against aliens who can’t get wet.

Until Niagara Falls 2

Under a dried up Niagara Falls, the last remnants of humanity wait.

Green Revolution

Wherein people can eat the sun.

Under the Line

A distinct lack of time travel.

Post-Apocalyptic Wal-Mart

My happy place. 🙂

Farutto 1 – On the Buses

Stephen King? Clive Barker? Ridiculous.

Farutto 2 – At the Dairy Dungeon

We beat you right!

Farutto 3

At Hammermassig Video

The Story that Wanted to be a Doctor Who Fanfic

Time travelly shenanigans

Open Letter to Television

My Dear John letter to television

A Very Sensible Friday

How someone who isn’t me might spend their day.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Crappy

In a world where no one remembers, what if you couldn’t forget?

It’s Happening Again

Alien abductions, and clever daughters.

Apologies to Ray Bradbury

What’s the deal with the Veldt anyway?

The Long Game 1

When plants attack. Gradually.

The Long Game 2

My daughter told me I had to stop killing everyone.

The Gleaners

Mining plastic, and a not so subtle dig at Canada’s PM

When the Lights Go Out

My solar flare tale. Thanks for the nightmares National Geographic.

Speak Easy in the Library

Our vanishing heritage, and another subtle dig at our beloved PM

Jack Daw and the Repo Man

When you can’t pay your student loans, they reposess your education.

Text-Based Adventure

Creepy graveyard tale written in the style of a text based adventure game.

Guest Edition – Fish and Chips

A creepy-lovely tale from the excellent Sile Englert.

The Cat

It was Thursday when he ran over the cat.

Time for Tubby Bye-Bye

Tinky Winky realises the horrible truth.


Bad employees meet bad ends.

The Bread

The robot apocalypse starts with the bread.

Instant Human

Just add coffee.

Flying Car

It’s 2013. I want my flying car.

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