Handmade Serenity Pendant Giveaway is the Best Thing Ever

I haven’t blogged in forever, but this seemed like a good reason:

Goldsmith, designer, and artist Miriel of Miriel Designs is giving away this handmade Serenity necklace on her blog:

tiny Serenity

To enter, all you have to do is comment on her blog with your favourite Serenity quote and why you should get the prize.

From Miriel’s blog post:

I will draw the winner randomly, and here is how you get the best chance at winning:

  • You get one point for commenting here.
  • One for liking my facebook page.
  • One for sharing on facebook.
  • One for following me on instagram.
  • Two points for blogging about this.

So you can get a total of 6 points.
Let me know here how many of these things you did, and that’s how many times I put your name in when I draw the winner!

She also has an Etsy store which is all kinds of awesome. Check these out:

Solarsystem by Josephine Ryan

Amazing Solar system pendant.



Another view of the Solar System pendant.



Gorgeous swirly backlace.

Neat, huh? Go visit Miriel’s blog, and win yourself a Serenity pendant. It’s the best thing ever!


It;s dangerous to go alone.

Zelda T-shirts, Doctor Who Scarf: The Things I’ve Been Up To.

So I am definitely not dead.

Though you wouldn’t know from my lack of blogging. I entered a SFWA’s science fiction poetry contest, and *sniff* didn’t place. But since it is the beginning of me starting to actually submit things again, I’m happy just to have done something. Yay for things!

I also finished the second Doctor Who scarf. It knitted up so much faster the second time around, and I even added the fringe, which I didn’t add to the one I kept. I still have yarn left so I may do  mini-scarf…or something.

I am going as the 4th Doctor for Hallowe’en! I have 2 weeks to figure out a sonic screwdriver, or rush order one from Thinkgeek.com

DSC01296 DSC01297

My kids and I made Triforce T-shirts for back-to-school. Easy and fun and geeky. All it took was cheap T-shirts, gold fabric paint, brushes, bristol board and an exacto knife.

It;s dangerous to go alone.

We made shoes too. They were the first attempt and came out a bit gloppy, but for kid’s shoes that are going to get the crap beaten out of them at school? I am A-OK with that. Plus learning from mistakes…blah blah blah.


I have also been pointedly not working on my WIP. I’m writing an urban fantasy (an embryonic version can be seen under the WIP tab) and I’ve gotten hung up on ‘how the magic works’ and exactly what everyone can do with their powers. If anybody has any advice for that, I could use some. It’s all sort of devolved into wailing and gnashing of teeth (on my part).

I got a really cool Hobbit Moleskine journal and even that hasn’t inspired me to write. Bleh. But NaNoWriMo is coming up, so maybe…maybe…


It came with a cool map and everything.


Cheers all! Lets hope I can blog a bit more frequently now. 😉 I’ll leave you with a crappy vid of my cat!


Asteroid with its Own Moon is the Best Thing Ever.

Just a quickie here, but we have an asteroid due to pass the Earth today – Asteroid 1998 Q#2 – that has its own little moon.Check out this NASA JPL video:

Isn’t that sweet? It’s like that mother and baby owl picture that keeps getting passed around the internet. Only with death and destruction from the skies (not really – we’re safe).