TARDIS Engagement Ring is the Best Thing Ever.

If you’re a Whovian getting married, or know a Whovian getting married, you need to check out this gorgeous TARDIS engagement ring for sale on Etsy. Check. It. Out. Etsy user dtekdesigns offers quite possibly the best TARDIS ring I have ever seen. Unlike some other designs, which only suggest a vaguely TARDIS-like vibe, this one is the freakin’ TARDIS.


With a selection of materials ranging from Sterling Silver priced at $1100 USD to Platinum at $3000 USD, there’s one for every budget.

Except mine.

Is there one made of used beer bottles?

dtekdesigns also offers a TARDIS pendant, Star Wars themed light saber rings and a selection of other delightful wares. You should definitely go and have a look: they are the best thing ever.

Source: Etsy (via the Mary Sue)

Three Doctor Who Episodes That Need to Exist, But Don’t

1. Death of River Song.


When I saw this, I was kind of horrified but they make a good case and I do love me a good closed loop. Via io9. http://io9.com/5972259/10-science-fiction-tv-characters-we-hope-will-die-in-2013?tag=superlist

2. The Time War.


We know very little about the time war, so it could likely take up an entire season to flesh out. All we really know is that after attempting the Ultimate Sanction, Paul McGann’s very brief (and kinda hot) Doctor seals the Time Lords away in a time lock, and flees, very likely dying in the process. We never see this, but the intense, emotional doctor we end up with is a testament to the traumatic nature of this event. Via topless robot. http://www.toplessrobot.com/2012/12/5_reasons_why_making_a_great_doctor_who_video_game.php?page=2

3. The Doctor Meets Arthur Dent.


Douglas Adams and Doctor Who are a natural match (for obvious reasons). Adams’ whacked-out H2G2 characters would make and awesome foil for the Ninth Doctor, who alternates between broody intensity and light sarcasm. Referenced in the Christmas Invasion.

Am I the only one who does this? What’s on your Doctor Who wish list? Lemme know…


Doctor Who Parodies are the Best Thing Ever

I’ve only ever seen one episode of Community. And this is the reason why i tuned in:

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is a strange fandom. How can that be anything but good? Consider:

I’m pretty sure I’ve blogged this one before, but if you haven’t seen Curse of the Fatal Death, then you need to see it. If you _have_ seen it, you need to see it again. Rowan Atkinson is superlative as the Doctor, as is Joanna Lumley, who makes me yearn for a female doctor.

This odd bit from Barely Political. “He’s from Belgium. Or space…”

And a couple of quickies from Robot Chicken:

It took me exactly 23 hours to get that last one. That’s how awesome it is. Lemme know if I missed one of your favourites. Doctor Who parodies are the Best Thing Ever.

Crocheted Tom Baker

Crocheted Doctor Who Dolls are the Best Thing Ever. *Ever*.


Have I said that?

(via Topless Robot) Over at CraftyisCool fibre artist Alison Hoffman has just finished a collection of crocheted Doctor Who dolls. The collection includes all eleven doctors AND a Tardis that they can fit inside.

crochet Doctor Who

Eeeee!!! There aren’t enough exclamation points for me to say how amazing this is, so three will have to do. But you get the point. This is the finest workmanship: each yarny little guy manages to capture the essence of its namesake Doctor. I’m not sure how you get that much facial expression from yarn.

Just look at Four:

Crocheted Tom Baker

Just look at him.

And here’s Nine:

Crochet Doctor Who

Totally badass, right?

Here’s Ten, just for good measure:

Doctor Who Crochet Doll

They are all this good.

Gander the entire collection here. Gander it! I command you!

And then you can go to Ms. Hoffman’s Etsy shop or her Ravelry shop and buy the frikken’ patterns to make these. They are a very reasonable $6USD each. Also available: a pattern to make Bob Frikken Ross! And Pee Wee Herman! How cool is that? Pretty darn cool. And, it gets better – her website includes a free pattern to make a Harry Potter style Sorting Hat.

I want these sooo hard. Only I can’t crochet. Like, at all. But at least the resulting “Nailed it” post ought to earn me a butt-ton of karma on Reddit. :/

So go browse the awesomeness, buy some patterns, and  let me know if you make any of these…

…they are the best thing ever (have I mentioned that?).

Sci-Fi Lego Round-up is the Best Thing Ever

Nothing is quite so agonizing to step on as Lego, amirite? It’s like they’ve been lovingly engineered for maximum foot pain. But apparently you can do things with Lego, other than giving yourself plantars fasciitis, that is.

A few days ago I came upon this:

Minimalist Lego cartoon characters. Are these not awesome? Indeed they are. You can see the rest of them here.

I know, I know they aren’t Sci-fi related at all. But they got me thinking about Lego. And then I came stumbled on this:

I love Futurama, but who has this kind of time? Stunning.

That lead me to Buzzfeed, where they have this:

Doctor Who

Lego TARDIS! And Ghostbusters:


All of this lead me off to the Lego Cuusoo site. Which is something like a cross between Kickstarter and Reddit. Lego (what do you call Lego Fanbois?) makers (?) propose and design new Lego sets. Then you vote on the ones you like. Each quarter, actual Lego designers review any project that gets ten thousand views, and one of those projects gets made into an actual Lego set. Aaaaand, the designer gets a 1% cut of the net. Pretty sweet huh? Here’s some of the projects on the go:

Curiosity Rover:

Idea Image

Marty and the Doc and DeLorean:

If this doesn’t make Lego the coolest company that ever existed, I don’t know what does. Go check out Lego Cuusoo, look at the projects and cast some votes for science fiction themed Lego, because it is the Best Thing Ever.



Doctor Who/Edward Gorey Mashup is the Best Thing Ever

If you have read any of this blog, you’ll know I looove Doctor Who (though 11 not so much). But when you mash it up with Edward Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies you get instant win! Check out the Gallifreycrumb Tinies by DeviantART user EatToast:

via The Mary Sue

My personal favourite is Harriet (yes we know who you are). EatToast also has a Doctor Who Themed Webcomic Doctor Kawaii that is worth your time, and wicked cool Doctor Who Toys that she hand made. Check out these Cyberponies:

That is some crazy talent right there. I sooo wish I had thought of this. Head over to DeviantART and have a gander at her Doctor Whooo series. If you nose around, you’ll see a Bane pony and a Link pony as well. Squee! You will love it. I order you! Doctor Who + Edward Gorey = Best Thing Ever.


Nerdy Christmas Ornaments are the Best Thing Ever

I’m not fond of Christmas. It’s stressful and expensive and doesn’t involve a lot of dressing in costumes or eating tiny chocolate bars. And it happens in one my four least favourite seasons – winter. The whole thing stinks like Xmas, if you know what I mean…

But here’s something that makes it much more to my liking – nerdy ornaments!

Add a new design

Video game console ornaments. They bring up fond memories of consoles past…*sniff* I miss my Dreamcast. Sadly these won’t ship in time for Christmas, but I still really want them. There’s always next year, after all. Unless that Mayan thing comes true…

Star Wars Holiday lights via ThinkGeek. Cool you will be, if these lights you have!

Product View

Damn it Jim! I’m a doctor not an ornament! Apparently Hallmark has done an extensive collection of Star Trek ornaments over the years. You can get your hands on older out of production ones here.

Awwww yissss! Awesome Legend of Zelda Ornaments. Photo via DeviantArt, and sadly no longer available via Etsy. But you know what? I think I could make these, with a little glitter paint and a stencil…

ONE Minecraft Creeper Christmas Ornament

Minecraft Ornaments! Hehehehehe. You know you want these. They’re available at Etsy.

One you really can make yourself. Doctor Who DIY fabric ornaments via Spoonflower (home of amazing custom nerd fabric).

Do you not just love these? I do. Nerdy ornaments are the Best Thing Ever!


I Did It: I Finally Finished My Doctor Who Scarf!

The process had some setbacks and took me waaaay too long, but it’s done!

I don’t have the fringe on yet, but I am okay with that for now.


Here’s my oldest modelling it like a boss (I couldn’t get a non-blurry shot last night):

I'm Finally ginger!
I’m Finally ginger!


Doctor Who Scarfery

So now I need something else to do… :/