TARDIS Engagement Ring is the Best Thing Ever.

If you’re a Whovian getting married, or know a Whovian getting married, you need to check out this gorgeous TARDIS engagement ring for sale on Etsy. Check. It. Out. Etsy user dtekdesigns offers quite possibly the best TARDIS ring I have ever seen. Unlike some other designs, which only suggest a vaguely TARDIS-like vibe, this one is the freakin’ TARDIS.


With a selection of materials ranging from Sterling Silver priced at $1100 USD to Platinum at $3000 USD, there’s one for every budget.

Except mine.

Is there one made of used beer bottles?

dtekdesigns also offers a TARDIS pendant, Star Wars themed light saber rings and a selection of other delightful wares. You should definitely go and have a look: they are the best thing ever.

Source: Etsy (via the Mary Sue)

Doctor Horrible Easy Reader (Or What I Do When I’m Bored)

I hate early readers; they are uniformly boring. My kids hate them too. Today I got bored and did this at quickmeme. This is my first go, and I’m obviously no professional, but it was fun and I hope Daughter 2 likes it. I’m going to print it out – we’ll see if the pages end up sized all crazy. But it’s just for my personal amusement, so I’m not too worried.

It’s Tuesday: Best Wedding Rings Ever

We all have to admit that weddings are pretty boring and formulaic. If you’ve ever had the misfortune to watch wedding shows like Say Yes to the Dress, you’ll know that most wedding dresses are exactly the frikkin’ same.   And rings are even worse – plain, gold, boring.

Well bless my old husk of a heart. The interwebs are chock full of interesting wedding rings that are a good first step to making your wedding day the memorable, unique experience it ought to be. I mean, if you’re spending that much money anyway, it ought to be for a reason…

it actually takes two rings to bind them

The classic nerd ring. And by classic, I mean done to death. Luckily for you Amazon doesn’t know when or these will be back in stock, so you can’t embarrass yourself.

or you could just get Bender tattooed on your ass

I know just enough binary to get this joke: there are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary and those who don’t. This ring features your message of up to 25 characters encoded in binary. All for the sweet price of 1,300.00.


These just make me giggle.

Yes but is it bigger on the inside?

OMGomgomg! It’s a TARDIS ring. That’s almost reason enough in itself to get married. Any of you geeky Americans want some universal health care? It can all be yours for the low, low price of one of these! And also one of these:

Do you promise to love, honor, and exterminate?

(Courtesy of My Big Geeky Wedding). See nerds? Getting married *is* for you after all. And Muggles? Weddings don’t have to be tedious whitebread affairs. Fun is for everyone…