TARDIS Engagement Ring is the Best Thing Ever.

If you’re a Whovian getting married, or know a Whovian getting married, you need to check out this gorgeous TARDIS engagement ring for sale on Etsy. Check. It. Out. Etsy user dtekdesigns offers quite possibly the best TARDIS ring I have ever seen. Unlike some other designs, which only suggest a vaguely TARDIS-like vibe, this one is the freakin’ TARDIS.


With a selection of materials ranging from Sterling Silver priced at $1100 USD to Platinum at $3000 USD, there’s one for every budget.

Except mine.

Is there one made of used beer bottles?

dtekdesigns also offers a TARDIS pendant, Star Wars themed light saber rings and a selection of other delightful wares. You should definitely go and have a look: they are the best thing ever.

Source: Etsy (via the Mary Sue)

Crocheted Tom Baker

Crocheted Doctor Who Dolls are the Best Thing Ever. *Ever*.


Have I said that?

(via Topless Robot) Over at CraftyisCool fibre artist Alison Hoffman has just finished a collection of crocheted Doctor Who dolls. The collection includes all eleven doctors AND a Tardis that they can fit inside.

crochet Doctor Who

Eeeee!!! There aren’t enough exclamation points for me to say how amazing this is, so three will have to do. But you get the point. This is the finest workmanship: each yarny little guy manages to capture the essence of its namesake Doctor. I’m not sure how you get that much facial expression from yarn.

Just look at Four:

Crocheted Tom Baker

Just look at him.

And here’s Nine:

Crochet Doctor Who

Totally badass, right?

Here’s Ten, just for good measure:

Doctor Who Crochet Doll

They are all this good.

Gander the entire collection here. Gander it! I command you!

And then you can go to Ms. Hoffman’s Etsy shop or her Ravelry shop and buy the frikken’ patterns to make these. They are a very reasonable $6USD each. Also available: a pattern to make Bob Frikken Ross! And Pee Wee Herman! How cool is that? Pretty darn cool. And, it gets better – her website includes a free pattern to make a Harry Potter style Sorting Hat.

I want these sooo hard. Only I can’t crochet. Like, at all. But at least the resulting “Nailed it” post ought to earn me a butt-ton of karma on Reddit. :/

So go browse the awesomeness, buy some patterns, and  let me know if you make any of these…

…they are the best thing ever (have I mentioned that?).

My Other Time Machine is a DeLorean: Doctor Who/Back to the Future Mashups are the Best Thing Ever

I Only Use It for Short Trips

In a move calculated to send Who fans into apocalyptic nerdgasms, the stars of Doctor Who arrived at the New York screening of the seventh season premier in the second most famous time machine – the DeLorean.

Photo Jill Pantozzi; themarysue.com
Photo Jill Pantozzi; themarysue.com

See the full photo set here. OMG, right?

This was totally out of the blue. It’s not as if geeks everywhere were fantasizing about seeing a scene like this, for instance:

via DanoKano’s DeviartArt

Or as if nitpickers ever noticed any similarities between two characters, like this:

via CeeNot’s DeviantArt

Or ever wondered if various sets of time travelers might meet, like this:

from theothermike’s DeviantArt via liveforfilms.com

Squeee! Er, I mean, one hopes the season premier is as good as the publicity above implies. If the writers are half as clever as the marketing people, then we’re in for a real treat this season…

Also this:

Great Pilgrim!